These are some of my personal Git repositories.

This is where I put repos that I want to be able to link to publicly, but I don’t want to put on GitHub.

I self-host my repos when I don’t want or need the ability to accept pull/merge requests from other people, because I know I’m never going to review or merge them. This is personal code that I’m sharing for other people to read and use, but I’m not interested in accepting patches. Think of this as “source-available”, not “open-source”.

Additionally, I’m uncomfortable with the fact that GitHub accepts money from the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE), so I’d rather not give them any more of my code than I need to. It’s possible and easy for me to self-host, so here we are.

Unless otherwise stated, all the code shared here is published under an MIT license.

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Project Description Last Change A static site for tracking the books I've read 2 days ago
how-long-is-my-data Measure your data in shelving length of floppy disk, not bytes 11 months ago
junkdrawer A repo for things that don't have a better place to go 3 weeks ago
overcast-downloader Download the audio files of every podcast you've listened to in Overcast 4 months ago
penny-tracker An app to record how much money I’m spending 9 months ago
uk-station-map A map to plot all the UK train stations that you've visited 14 months ago