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This is the source code for, a site I use to track the books I've read. This repo contains both the scripts that build the site, and the source data used by the scripts.

How it works

Each book is a text file, with a bit of metadata at the top, and Markdown text in the body. Here's an example:

  title: Trans Like Me
  author: C. N. Lester
  publication_year: 2017
  cover_image: trans-like-me.jpg
  cover_desc: >
    The words “trans like me” in lowercased, large letters, set on a slightly off-white background.
    The words “trans” and “me” are in red; the word “like” is in black.
  isbn13: 9780349008608

  date_read: 2020-01-27
  rating: 5
  format: paperback

I put off reading this for ages, but I’m glad I finally got to reading it.

When I run the build script, it reads all these files, and turns them into a set of HTML files. I upload a copy of those HTML files to my web server, where they're served by nginx.


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