If the book isn't a fave, don't send fave-specific CSS
[books.alexwlchan.net] / scripts / add_book.py
2020-07-12 Alex ChanBe explicit that these scripts require Python 3
2020-02-23 Alex ChanRun black autoformatting over the scripts folder
2020-02-07 Alex ChanFix a bug in the "add book" script – date_read is alway...
2020-02-04 Alex ChanEnough bits to deploy the site (mostly)
2020-02-04 Alex Chan"Plan to read" books are now ordered by date added
2020-02-04 Alex ChanA couple of other script autoformatting tweaks
2020-02-04 Alex ChanGive a bit more flexibility in the "date read" field
2020-02-03 Alex ChanAdd a whole pile of new books
2020-02-03 Alex ChanFix a bug in the add_book.py script
2020-02-02 Alex ChanAssume that a book with >3 stars was always finished
2020-02-02 Alex ChanGroup books on the reviews page by year read
2020-02-02 Alex ChanFix a bug that wasn't recording ratings correctly
2020-02-02 Alex ChanAdd a way to track books that I didn't finish
2020-02-02 Alex ChanHandle cover image URLs with query parameters
2020-02-02 Alex ChanSupport formats; add a "currently reading" page
2020-02-02 Alex ChanAdd a script for saving new books that I've read