tweak the image to reduce jpeg artefacts in the thumbnail
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2021-07-10 Alex ChanSupport "illustrator" as a contributor type
2021-07-05 Alex Chanonly count books I finished
2021-06-27 Alex ChanTweak the background colour of 5-star books
2021-06-14 Alex ChanAdd a review for "Loveless"
2021-03-21 Alex ChanAdd an entry for "Captain Corelli's Mandolin"
2021-03-05 Alex ChanAllow specifying an editor as well as/instead of an...
2021-01-16 Alex ChanUse the slug to identify books, not the color
2020-12-25 Alex ChanAllow sorting books within a day
2020-12-21 Alex ChanNarrow books in the bookshelf, so it's more obvious...
2020-12-18 Alex ChanAdd an entry for "Welwyn's Railways"
2020-12-18 Alex ChanMerge branch 'development' of helene.linode:/mnt/repos...
2020-12-16 Alex ChanPush to git after every deploy
2020-12-16 Alex Chanmake tint colour timestamps stable across machines
2020-12-16 Alex Chanfix html minification
2020-12-16 Alex ChanRemove an unused comment
2020-12-16 Alex ChanMinify inline CSS and remove HTML comments
2020-11-25 Alex ChanDon't keep saving this as bookshelf_blue.png
2020-11-22 Alex ChanFix a bug in the tint color caching
2020-11-22 Alex ChanIf the cover image changes, recompute the tint colour
2020-11-16 Alex ChanMinify all the HTML before rendering to reduce page...
2020-11-16 Alex ChanTweaks to make images + shelves look good on retina...
2020-10-12 Alex ChanUse a new tinted book set on every page
2020-10-11 Alex ChanUse tint colors to colorise links on individual pages
2020-10-11 Alex ChanThrow a shelf of pseudo book spines at the top of the...
2020-07-12 Alex ChanBe explicit that these scripts require Python 3
2020-07-05 Alex ChanInclude the MD5 hash in CSS URLs, so the URL changes...
2020-05-11 Alex ChanInclude a few books on the home page
2020-04-18 Alex ChanAdd some nice social sharing previews
2020-02-29 Alex ChanAdd a notion of "retired" books, for recording stuff...
2020-02-23 Alex ChanRun black autoformatting over the scripts folder
2020-02-07 Alex ChanFix a bug in the "add book" script – date_read is alway...
2020-02-07 Alex ChanEnsure dates are always rendered without the leading 0
2020-02-06 Alex ChanFix an error when running the render script in a clean...
2020-02-06 Alex ChanAdd all the data from my Goodreads account
2020-02-04 Alex ChanStart adding known good books
2020-02-04 Alex ChanDownsize thumbnails to 1x/2x to reduce page weight
2020-02-04 Alex ChanDownsize images in the thumbnail view
2020-02-04 Alex ChanEnough bits to deploy the site (mostly)
2020-02-04 Alex Chan"Plan to read" books are now ordered by date added
2020-02-04 Alex ChanA couple of other script autoformatting tweaks
2020-02-04 Alex ChanGive a bit more flexibility in the "date read" field
2020-02-03 Alex ChanAdd a whole pile of new books
2020-02-03 Alex ChanFix a bug in the script
2020-02-02 Alex ChanRender titles with smartypants
2020-02-02 Alex ChanAssume that a book with >3 stars was always finished
2020-02-02 Alex ChanSimplify review paths – just the slug, not the year
2020-02-02 Alex ChanGroup books on the reviews page by year read
2020-02-02 Alex ChanFix a bug that wasn't recording ratings correctly
2020-02-02 Alex ChanAdd a way to track books that I didn't finish
2020-02-02 Alex ChanProvide more meaningful <title> elements
2020-02-02 Alex ChanRun autoformatting
2020-02-02 Alex ChanAllow deploying to linode
2020-02-02 Alex ChanAnd now I can render a "books I want to read" page
2020-02-02 Alex ChanHandle cover image URLs with query parameters
2020-02-02 Alex ChanSupport formats; add a "currently reading" page
2020-02-02 Alex ChanA bunch of cosmetic tweaks; add an index page
2020-02-02 Alex ChanMove the static directory to the top level
2020-02-02 Alex ChanStrip the leading zero when displaying dates
2020-02-02 Alex ChanUse SmartyPants to render nice curly quotes in reviews
2020-02-02 Alex ChanAdd a script for saving new books that I've read
2020-02-02 Alex ChanAdd a "list all reviews" page
2020-02-02 Alex ChanCreate pages for individual reviews