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2020-12-21 Alex Chanactually fix the broken span
2020-12-21 Alex ChanDon't break the </div> on a (did not finish)
2020-12-18 Alex ChanMerge branch 'development' of helene.linode:/mnt/repos...
2020-12-16 Alex Chan"did not finish" should be small, should not show star...
2020-12-16 Alex ChanMinify inline CSS and remove HTML comments
2020-12-16 Alex Chanstars look better on my macbook now
2020-12-16 Alex ChanRevert "Make the stars look consistent across platforms"
2020-12-16 Alex ChanMake the stars look consistent across platforms
2020-12-09 Alex ChanTweak the appearance of star ratings
2020-11-16 Alex ChanIf the book isn't a fave, don't send fave-specific CSS
2020-10-11 Alex ChanTweak appearance for mobile
2020-10-11 Alex ChanDon't highlight 5 star books on the homepage
2020-10-11 Alex ChanUse tint colours throughout the app
2020-05-11 Alex ChanInclude a few books on the home page