2020-07-30 Alex ChanAdd the Scrapheap Challenge book
2020-07-26 Alex ChanAdd a review of "Creative Selection"
2020-07-18 Alex ChanAdd two new books
2020-07-12 Alex ChanAdd a review of "The Gate of Angels"
2020-07-12 Alex ChanBe explicit that these scripts require Python 3
2020-07-11 Alex ChanAdd a review of "Small Robots"
2020-07-05 Alex ChanInclude the MD5 hash in CSS URLs, so the URL changes...
2020-07-05 Alex ChanAdd a review for "GCHQ"
2020-07-05 Alex ChanUse a book icon as a separator, not leaves
2020-07-04 Alex ChanAdd a "Currently reading" for GCHQ
2020-07-04 Alex ChanAdd a note about "Atomic"
2020-06-14 Alex ChanAdd another thread about The Origisn of Unfairness
2020-06-14 Alex ChanAdd an entry for "Long Walk to Freedom"
2020-06-14 Alex ChanAdd a note about "Think Black"
2020-06-14 Alex ChanAdd a note on "How to be Alone"
2020-06-07 Alex ChanAdd a note about "Black and British"
2020-05-22 Alex ChanAdd a review of "The Night Circus"
2020-05-19 Alex ChanAdd a recommendation
2020-05-17 Alex ChanAdd a note about Atomic Habits
2020-05-11 Alex ChanAdd a subtle background textture
2020-05-11 Alex ChanChange the affirmation in the footer
2020-05-11 Alex ChanFix the code link in the footer
2020-05-11 Alex ChanInclude a few books on the home page
2020-05-11 Alex ChanAdd notes on two more books
2020-05-08 Alex ChanAdd a review of Exit Strategy
2020-05-08 Alex ChanAdd a review of "Rogue Protocol"
2020-05-05 Alex ChanAdd a review of "Artificial Condition"
2020-05-05 Alex ChanAdd note about "Felix Ever After"
2020-05-04 Alex ChanAdd an entry for "All Systems Red"
2020-04-30 Alex ChanAdd a link to the original tweet
2020-04-30 Alex ChanAdd notes on Quicksilver
2020-04-19 Alex ChanAdd notes from "An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth"
2020-04-18 Alex ChanAdd some nice social sharing previews
2020-04-18 Alex ChanMake everything a bit bigger
2020-04-18 Alex ChanAdd a review of "Yellow Trains"
2020-04-17 Alex ChanMove "Ultraviolet" to the done pile
2020-04-13 Alex ChanMark "The Magazine: The Book" as read
2020-04-08 Alex ChanAdd a note about "Built" by Roma Agrawal
2020-03-15 Alex ChanAdd David's latest recommendation
2020-03-14 Alex ChanAdd a note about "How to Take Smart Notes"
2020-03-10 Alex ChanAdd a second review of "The Secret Listeners"
2020-03-01 Alex ChanAdd a couple of books about Chinese
2020-03-01 Alex ChanRetire "R in a Nutshell"
2020-02-29 Alex ChanAdd a notion of "retired" books, for recording stuff...
2020-02-24 Alex ChanAdd a note about "Remote Stations", by Peter Caton
2020-02-23 Alex ChanRun black autoformatting over the scripts folder
2020-02-23 Alex ChanFix a Markdown link in "On the Beach"
2020-02-23 Alex ChanAdd a note about "The Origins of Unfairness"
2020-02-23 Alex ChanAdd a quote from "Carrying the Fire"
2020-02-20 Alex ChanI read "Intimate Friendships"
2020-02-16 Alex ChanAdd a note about "Sexuality and Social Justice in Africa"
2020-02-16 Alex ChanFix the author name in "Places I Stopped on the Way...
2020-02-11 Alex ChanAdd a note about "Unfamiliar Underground"
2020-02-09 Alex Chanadd a note about "The Starless Sea"
2020-02-09 Alex ChanAdd a note about "IBM and the Holocaust"
2020-02-09 Alex ChanAdd a note about The Emotion Machine
2020-02-08 Alex ChanAdd a note about "transgender health"
2020-02-07 Alex ChanAdd a review of "The Day of the Triffids"
2020-02-07 Alex ChanFix a bug in the "add book" script – date_read is alway...
2020-02-07 Alex ChanEnsure dates are always rendered without the leading 0
2020-02-06 Alex ChanFix an error when running the render script in a clean...
2020-02-06 Alex ChanMark "The Elements of Style" as read
2020-02-06 Alex ChanAdd all the data from my Goodreads account
2020-02-04 Alex ChanStart adding known good books
2020-02-04 Alex ChanDownsize thumbnails to 1x/2x to reduce page weight
2020-02-04 Alex ChanAdd a basic README
2020-02-04 Alex ChanDownsize images in the thumbnail view
2020-02-04 Alex ChanAdd all the remaining migrated books
2020-02-04 Alex ChanEnough bits to deploy the site (mostly)
2020-02-04 Alex ChanMigrate all the books in my "to read" list
2020-02-04 Alex ChanAdd a date_added field to two existing books
2020-02-04 Alex Chan"Plan to read" books are now ordered by date added
2020-02-04 Alex ChanAdd a pile more books
2020-02-04 Alex ChanSkip the review if a book is unrated
2020-02-04 Alex ChanA couple of other script autoformatting tweaks
2020-02-04 Alex ChanGive a bit more flexibility in the "date read" field
2020-02-03 Alex ChanAdd a whole pile of new books
2020-02-03 Alex ChanTweak the contrast on favourite books
2020-02-03 Alex ChanAdd the first set of books
2020-02-03 Alex ChanFix a bug in the script
2020-02-02 Alex ChanMake top books stand out slightly
2020-02-02 Alex ChanRender titles with smartypants
2020-02-02 Alex ChanAssume that a book with >3 stars was always finished
2020-02-02 Alex ChanAdd "jump to" year links
2020-02-02 Alex ChanSimplify review paths – just the slug, not the year
2020-02-02 Alex ChanGroup books on the reviews page by year read
2020-02-02 Alex ChanFix the CSS on the currently reading page
2020-02-02 Alex ChanAdd a bunch of books
2020-02-02 Alex ChanPluralise "authors" correctly
2020-02-02 Alex ChanTweak the CSS for books with square proportions
2020-02-02 Alex ChanFix a bug that wasn't recording ratings correctly
2020-02-02 Alex ChanAdd a way to track books that I didn't finish
2020-02-02 Alex ChanProvide more meaningful <title> elements
2020-02-02 Alex ChanRun autoformatting
2020-02-02 Alex ChanAllow deploying to linode
2020-02-02 Alex ChanAnd now I can render a "books I want to read" page
2020-02-02 Alex ChanHandle cover image URLs with query parameters
2020-02-02 Alex ChanSupport formats; add a "currently reading" page
2020-02-02 Alex ChanA bunch of cosmetic tweaks; add an index page
2020-02-02 Alex ChanMove the static directory to the top level