2021-09-04 Alex Chanmove add_sierra_check_digit to a rust binary development
2021-09-03 Alex Chanauto-kill nomad whenever I'm running a terminal window
2021-09-03 Alex Chanhandle prompt on linode
2021-09-03 Alex ChanSimplify my fish prompt
2021-04-25 Alex ChanExplode the running file
2021-04-25 Alex ChanAdd manhattan.py
2021-04-25 Alex ChanAdd a script for finding apps that are using Secure...
2021-04-24 Alex ChanAdd a couple of useful path scripts
2021-03-27 Alex ChanAdd a couple more path scripts
2021-01-05 Alex ChanRemove some commented-out code
2021-01-05 Alex ChanAdd my script for fixing Scala imports
2020-12-10 Alex ChanFix fishconfig properly, and Python 3 completions
2020-12-10 Alex ChanIf there are bad word count tags, print them!
2020-12-10 Alex ChanFix fishconfig on my iMac
2020-12-06 Alex ChanDate the Pinboard backups; skip getting the wget caches...
2020-12-06 Alex ChanSave Pinboard to the external drive; tar up AO3 exports
2020-12-06 Alex Chantar up my pinboard backups
2020-10-23 Alex ChanThis script has moved into the storage service
2020-10-18 Alex ChanAdd ttml2srt to my PATH variable
2020-10-18 Alex ChanUse the newest virtualfish and Python
2020-10-18 Alex ChanRemove some unused Dockerfiles
2020-10-18 Alex ChanAdd an association for Dockerfiles in TextMate
2020-10-18 Alex Chanreborder.py uses brew ImageMagick, not Docker
2020-10-18 Alex ChanAdd a script to open private browsing
2020-10-18 Alex ChanPush it all down into a wallpapers subfolder
2020-10-18 Alex ChanAdd some code for making rainbow iPhone wallpapers
2020-10-03 Alex ChanAdd a quick script for getting play count histogram
2020-10-03 Alex ChanAdd a script for finding dupe tracks in iTunes
2020-10-03 Alex ChanUse the country code when getting iTunes metadata
2020-08-05 Alex ChanRemove some commented-out code
2020-08-05 Alex ChanAdd a script for warming/cooling the storage service
2020-08-01 Alex ChanKeep a single copy of Terraform plugins
2020-07-21 Alex ChanHighlight queues with DLQ entries
2020-07-21 Alex ChanAdd a quick SQS dashboard
2020-07-19 Alex ChanRemove the Twine Dockerfile
2020-07-19 Alex ChanFix virtualfish in Python 3.8
2020-07-16 Alex ChanAdd a script to hide blue ticks on Twitter
2020-07-01 Alex ChanInclude the slug in the deviantART backup paths; sort...
2020-05-03 Alex ChanStrip out all the MD5-related login code
2020-04-27 Alex ChanAdd a script for renaming files based on TVDB metadata
2020-04-27 Alex ChanAdd a script for downloading all episodes from iPlayer
2020-04-12 Alex ChanRemove optipng as a Docker resource
2020-04-11 Alex ChanAdd my pytest.raises snippet
2020-03-01 Alex ChanAdd a script for generating random passwords
2020-02-28 Alex ChanAdd a script for tailing CloudWatch events
2020-02-20 Alex Chanstart checking in textmate snippets
2020-02-19 Alex ChanDon't call imagemagick from Docker
2020-01-29 Alex ChanAdd my backblaze exclusions script
2020-01-28 Alex ChanAdd a script to remove broken venvs
2020-01-19 Alex Chanbiggest artwork!
2020-01-19 Alex ChanGet bigger artwork from iTunes
2020-01-19 Alex ChanRemove a couple of unused Docker images
2020-01-19 Alex ChanGrab the AO3 imports as a top-level item
2020-01-19 Alex ChanUse concurrent.futures to speed up Pinboard backups
2020-01-19 Alex ChanStart grabbing wget copies of my Pinboard archive
2020-01-19 Alex ChanCheck for balanced curly quotes in the text_transforms.py
2020-01-19 Alex ChanFix dashes in the cleanup_pinboard.py script
2020-01-19 Alex ChanFix a deprecated logging message in this script
2020-01-19 Alex ChanAdd a script for finding ECS bottlenecks
2020-01-19 Alex ChanAdd what little Advent-of-Code stuff I have
2020-01-18 Alex ChanCheck in a script I wrote for Trudy
2020-01-15 Alex ChanAdd a script for editing the Archivematica DB
2020-01-14 Alex ChanAllow ssh'ing into a host without a public IP/DNS
2020-01-13 Alex ChanRemove the aws Docker image
2020-01-11 Alex ChanFix more Pinboard encoding issues
2020-01-10 Alex ChanWhen prepping for iTunes, ask the user about ambiguous...
2020-01-07 Alex ChanBetter check for already authorised when creating an...
2020-01-07 Alex ChanRemove a bunch of unnecessary whitespace
2020-01-02 Alex ChanUse the new repo for Twitter scripts
2020-01-02 Alex ChanSkip EC2 instances that are terminated
2020-01-01 Alex ChanJust use vanilla cloc, not in a Docker image
2020-01-01 Alex ChanImprove the matching logic in the iTunes lookup script
2020-01-01 Alex ChanAdd a script for preparing a folder of MP3s for iTunes
2019-12-30 Alex ChanAdd a link to the screencast of the tweet
2019-12-30 Alex ChanAdd my Google Sheets macro for cell colours
2019-12-28 Alex ChanHandle encoding issues in my Pinboard bookmarks
2019-12-21 Alex ChanAdd scripts installed with "pip3 install --user" to...
2019-12-21 Alex ChanDon't use youtube-dl via Docker, just get it from pip
2019-12-16 Alex ChanOkay, I can search the Calm API
2019-12-16 Alex ChanAdd a small Java/S3 StorageClass repro
2019-12-14 Alex ChanAdd some scripts for Pinboard tag counts
2019-12-14 Alex ChanAdd a shortcut for triggering an Overcast backup
2019-12-10 Alex ChanTweak the mailer script
2019-12-10 Alex ChanAdd a script to get publication dates for Alice W
2019-12-01 Alex ChanAdd an SSH tunnelling script
2019-12-01 Alex ChanAdd a link to the Apple Support thread
2019-12-01 Alex ChanAdd a script for embedding PDF fonts
2019-12-01 Alex ChanRemove some unused fish shell shortcuts
2019-12-01 Alex ChanAdd the GIF slicer script
2019-12-01 Alex ChanRemove tfdiff.py; it's obsolete with terraform 0.12
2019-12-01 Alex ChanAnd handle movie bundles
2019-12-01 Alex ChanAllow getting the iTunes txt from anywhere, add docstring
2019-12-01 Alex ChanAlso support TV shows
2019-12-01 Alex ChanAdd a script for looking up movies in iTunes
2019-11-30 Alex ChanImprove rendering of cache IDs
2019-11-04 Alex ChanAdd a minimal example for a confusing ureq behaviour
2019-11-03 Alex ChanRemove a pile of Twitter backup code, which has moved...
2019-11-03 Alex ChanRemove this README; that repo is now private
2019-10-28 Alex ChanAdd a script for getting a tweet as a Markdown quote
2019-10-22 Alex ChanAdd a shell script for converting svg_to_png