descriptionA repo for things that don't have a better place to go
last changeSat, 4 Sep 2021 06:43:42 +0000 (07:43 +0100)


This repo is a collection of things that don't have a better place to go. Dotfiles, scripts, Dockerfiles, config, and so on.

The name comes from @betsythemuffin:

Underrated programming techniques: name something (a step definitions file, a class, a directory, whatever....) "junk drawer."

Not "util" or something else that kind-of means "junk drawer" but pretends to dignity.

Be bold. Admit what you're doing. Do it with joy.

Nothing in this repo is documented or supported.

It's a collection of stuff that's useful for me, but not necessarily anybody else. If I thought something was useful enough to be worth documenting or supporting properly, I'd put it in its own repo.

Pick through what you find here, but don't be surprised if it's hard to follow or seems odd. It made sense to me when I wrote it (probably), that's it.



2021-09-04 Alex Chanmove add_sierra_check_digit to a rust binary development
2021-09-03 Alex Chanauto-kill nomad whenever I'm running a terminal window
2021-09-03 Alex Chanhandle prompt on linode
2021-09-03 Alex ChanSimplify my fish prompt
2021-04-25 Alex ChanExplode the running file
2021-04-25 Alex ChanAdd
2021-04-25 Alex ChanAdd a script for finding apps that are using Secure...
2021-04-24 Alex ChanAdd a couple of useful path scripts
2021-03-27 Alex ChanAdd a couple more path scripts
2021-01-05 Alex ChanRemove some commented-out code
2021-01-05 Alex ChanAdd my script for fixing Scala imports
2020-12-10 Alex ChanFix fishconfig properly, and Python 3 completions
2020-12-10 Alex ChanIf there are bad word count tags, print them!
2020-12-10 Alex ChanFix fishconfig on my iMac
2020-12-06 Alex ChanDate the Pinboard backups; skip getting the wget caches...
2020-12-06 Alex ChanSave Pinboard to the external drive; tar up AO3 exports
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