2020-11-28 Alex ChanFix cross-device links development
2020-11-28 Alex ChanHandle cross-device renames
2020-02-20 Alex ChanRefactor to be more time/space efficient
2020-02-19 Alex ChanImprove the details in some of the logging
2020-02-19 Alex ChanDownload episode files concurrently, not in serial
2020-01-28 Alex ChanFix a couple of missing references
2020-01-12 Alex ChanAdd a script for downloading all the episodes in an...
2020-01-12 Alex ChanOops, got that number wrong
2020-01-12 Alex ChanAdd some more accurate download stats
2020-01-04 Alex ChanGrab a copy of the RSS feed whenever I download new...
2020-01-04 Alex ChanLet's go Python 3 only, so I can get coloured logging
2020-01-04 Alex ChanUse the human-readable episode title, not the filename
2019-11-23 Alex ChanAllow customising the User-Agent on downloads
2019-11-23 Alex ChanIf a filename is ambiguous, add the Overcast ID
2019-11-22 Alex Chanmissing "the"
2019-11-22 Alex Chanmissing space
2019-11-22 Alex ChanAdd numbered steps to the instructions
2019-11-22 Alex Chanit's a richer sound
2019-11-22 Alex Chanmention that this is an archive
2019-11-22 Alex ChanFlesh out the README
2019-11-22 Alex ChanInitial commit