descriptionAn app to record how much money I’m spending
last changeMon, 29 Jun 2020 08:45:29 +0000 (09:45 +0100)


This is a small app I created to track my spending. It allows me to:

It writes records to a CSV spreadsheet.

The app is tailored to my needs, down to the layout of the “record spending” form – it’s designed to fit my phone screen exactly.


This is a fairly vanilla Flask app. Download the code, run python3 to start the server.

If you want to start with some transactions, create a CSV spending.csv like the following example:

8 Feb 2020,3.60,Tesco,Milk and orange juice,
9 Feb 2020,1.60,Market stall,A pair of cheese scones,
10 Feb 2020,2.49,Apple,Monthly iCloud storage bill,
2020-06-29 Alex ChanTweak the sorting: higher transactions go first latest
2020-06-29 Alex ChanTweak the appearance of rows in the transaction list
2020-06-28 Alex ChanAdd the Dockerfile I use to build the image
2020-06-28 Alex ChanUse a standard <input type="date"> to record dates
2020-06-15 Alex ChanAllow backfilling for previous days; smaller form page trunk
2020-06-10 Alex ChanTweak the width of the date/amount columns slightly
2020-06-10 Alex ChanDisplay tooltips to 2 dp, even if the last digit is...
2020-06-06 Alex ChanAlways display amount to two decimal places
2020-06-06 Alex ChanDon't run with the debug server by default
2020-06-06 Alex ChanAdd an endpoint for downloading the CSV
2020-06-06 Alex ChanUse a coin-themed icon for the section separators
2020-06-06 Alex ChanRemove some tracing code
2020-06-03 Alex ChanMake the headline figures a bit bolder
2020-06-03 Alex ChanAlways show the last twelve months in the graph
2020-05-31 Alex ChanAdd a nice iPhone icon
2020-05-31 Alex ChanA few more tweaks and a README
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