descriptionA map to plot all the UK train stations that you've visited
last changeTue, 21 Jan 2020 22:25:21 +0000 (22:25 +0000)


This is a quick script I wrote to create a map showing which UK railway stations I've visited:

A map of the UK with a series of green dots overlaid.

It uses:

A couple of people asked, so I'm sharing the code here for them to play with -- but reader beware, this was a quick experiment, so it's fairly unpolished code.


Go to, and type in the names of stations you've visited. See them appear on the map before your eyes!



This is a one-off experiment I wrote for fun, not something I want to spend lots of time on. Requests for support or help to run this code will be ignored.



2020-01-21 Alex ChanLoad leaflet.js and choices.js from a CDN, reduce page... development
2020-01-20 Alex ChanCreate minified styles in a consistent order
2020-01-20 Alex ChanMinify all the assets into a single file
2020-01-20 Alex ChanFix some manually added station coordinates
2020-01-15 Alex ChanUse a minified stations JS file
2020-01-14 Alex Chanadd a simple counter
2020-01-14 Alex ChanCircles are a fixed size as you zoom into the map
2020-01-14 Alex Chanfix a bug that was causing stations in NI/IE to be...
2020-01-14 Alex ChanDon't forget Cambridge North!
2020-01-14 Alex Chanadd a thanks link
2020-01-14 Alex Chanmove requirements into a dir so glitch doesn't think...
2020-01-14 Alex Chanmatch the two greens
2020-01-14 Alex ChanFix some lingering UI and session state bugs
2020-01-14 Alex ChanTidy up some of the JavaScript, add comments
2020-01-14 Alex ChanDeclare pinned requirements
2020-01-14 Alex ChanImprove the quality of the station data
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